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After many battles and much hesitation, I found myself at the front door of Momofuku Ssam Bar last night. Countless negative reviews from my trusted friends that have been to the Momofuku Noodle Bar have kept me away. But the never ending praise for the Momofuku Ssam Bar from top notch critics and magazines kept me wondering, “Could there really be such a difference between two shops that are owned by the same chefs and have the same influence?” I’ve never been to the noodle bar and don’t plan on it. The opinions are unanimous and I don’t have the luxury of spending $$$ just to confirm for myself that a place is bad. As for Momofuku Ssam, I had to try it not just for myself but for my fellow cids that are always kicking themselves for trying a place for the hype. Let me save you the time and money by going myself. Yes, I am a bit sadistic.


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